Prepared by the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut DEP, with the support of researchers and organizations throughout the Long Island Sound watershed.
Establishing restoration objectives for eelgrass in Long Island Sound

Partners and Funding

Partners in Project Development

Collection of resources and summarizing of data were conducted primarily by Dr. Jamie Vaudrey (University of Connecticut,, working with Dr. James Kremer (University of Connecticut).

The project was overseen by Paul Stacey (EP Division Director, CT DEP) and Lisa Wahle (CT DEP), both of whom provided direction in the initial planning stages and during the implementation of the project.

Web site created by Jamie Vaudrey. Technical and design support was provided by Elizabeth Doran of the Long Island Sound Resource Center (LISRC).

A technical advisory committee (TAC) reviewed the project proposal and results. This group of people provided a resource for data and suggestions. The following is a list of organizations with representatives on the TAC:

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Funding Source

FY 2004 Long Island Sound Study Enhancement Project

Sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
and United States Geological Survey.

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Sources of Unpublished Data

Data for the case studies and for use in the general database were collected from the primary literature, grey and white papers, and from individual researchers. The metadata include information on the location of the original files. The following individuals and organizations provided key data or reports:

Mr. Alan Banister
Pine Point School
Stonington, CT

Mr. Fred Grimsey
Save the River, Save the Hills
Niantic, CT

Dr. Milan Keser
Millstone Environmental Lab, Millstone Power Station
Niantic, CT

Dr. James Kremer
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Connecticut

Mr. John Mullaney
United States Geological Survey
East Hartford, CT

Dr. Jamie Vaudrey
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Connecticut

Dr. Charles Yarish
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Connecticut

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