Prepared by the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut DEP, with the support of researchers and organizations throughout the Long Island Sound watershed.
Establishing restoration objectives for eelgrass in Long Island Sound

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New England Estuarine Research Society (NEERS)

Zostera marina bibliography for the New England region. Includes historical references dating back to the 1940s through modern citations. The bibliography is divided into categories: general topics, climate, docks, Labrinthula (wasting disease), light, restoration, and water quality. Includes over 215 references.

Chesapeake Bay SAV Bibliography

The bibliography includes work relevant to Chesapeake Bay, divided into 6 broad categories: (1) Distribution, Abundance, and Production, (2) Reproductive Biology, Systematics, and Molecular Genetics, (3) Environmental Interaction, Processes, and Modeling, (4) Animal Interactions, (5) Restoration and Management, (6) Coastal Bays (Maryland and Virginia). Primary literature, reports, theses, and dissertations are included. Includes over 420 references.

Gulf of Maine Seagrass Bibliography (PDF)

This bibliography focuses primarily on disturbance to and restoration of seagrass as it pertains to the New England area. Monitoring methods and faunal usage of seagrass is also covered. Includes over 35 references.

Seagrass Forum

This site includes links to two bibliographies: a grey literature seagrass bibliography and a bibliography of seagrass theses and dissertations. These lists are designed to provide access to information that is not widely published. The author of the lists also hosts an on-line email discussion list for those interested in seagrass. Over 150 references are listed in the grey literature list, over 52 theses and dissertations are listed.

Rhode Island Restoration Bibliography

This searchable bibliography was developed in 2001 and includes primary and technical literature pertaining to coastal habitat restoration. The emphasis is on Rhode Island, with regional and nationally important papers included. Includes only a few papers directly relevant to seagrass. Includes over 135 references.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Bibliography - Seagrass.LI (PDF)

This collection available on an informative and interactive website focuses on the physiology, ecology, and distribution of seagrass as it relates to SAV in Long Island Sound. Includes local references and relevant national work. Focuses more on life history and transplantation success than other bibliographies listed. Updated in 2007, includes 347 references.

Long Island Sound Resource Center

This database focuses on work relevant to Long Island Sound. While it includes many references from the primary literature, its unique characteristic is the inclusion of government reports, commercial reports, grey literature from academia, and press releases. These items are not only referenced, but are also available to the public. The Long Island Sound Foundation Collection is currently housed at the University of Connecticut's Avery Point Campus Library. Most of the work dated pre-2000 is available in hard copy only. More recent references are available for download directly from the searchable database. The database includes over 1700 references.

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Seagrass.LI - Long Island's Seagrass Conservation Web site

Long Island Sound Resource Center

SeagrassNet - Global Seagrass Monitoring Network

Seagrass Forum - on-line discussion listserv

National Undersea Research Center

MySound - monitoring Long Island Sound (includes many links to data sources for LIS and New England)

Chesapeake Bay SAV

World Seagrass Association

CT Department of Environmental Protection

Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut

South Florida Seagrass Ecosystems, Florida International University

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